Different Ways to Wear Men’s Tanks

Let’s talk about tank tops – specifically tanks for men. We all know the old saying, “sun’s out, guns out,” but there seems to be quite the debate about this very topic on the world wide web. Should men wear tank tops?

After much deliberation and research, our style team has the verdict – yes, it’s totally cool for guys to wear tanks. Of course you won’t be showing up to your next job interview rocking the sleeveless look, but there are certainly occasions where the right tank top is accepted and (dare we say) even flattering. Pool parties, beach days, working out, festivals – all completely adequate venues for tank tops. Don’t let the guy wearing a skin-tight sleeveless to the mall on a 40-degree evening soil the reputation of a tastefully-worn tank.

The real trick can be finding the right style. There’s no doubt, it takes some confidence to pull off the tank top, but once you find the right style and look, you’re set. WARNING: the confidence you gain by reading this article and figuring out the right way to wear a tank can be dangerous…Please dress responsibly.

1. Are you casual but not afraid of some edge in your line-up? Do you prefer jeans over shorts? If yes, this might be the tank look for you. Keep the jeans fitted and casual. Flips are also a great way to dress it down with a summer vibe.
2. Are you the adventurous type? Do you frequent summer festivals and outdoor events? It’s no secret, hipsters love the tank look. Not to place labels, but you might want to check out hipster tanks if you’re a sucker for patterns and designs. These are more of a fashion tank than a work-out or sport tank.
3. Do you surf or live (or wish you lived) on the beach? Have you ever been involved in water sports? Do you work-out outdoors? The West Coast vibe is an obvious style for tanks. This look is also a nice way to take a summer jog without the worry of a mid-bicep tan line.
4. Are you still a little skeptical about this whole “tank frenzy”? Are you sitting there thinking, “not a chance”? Or, are you all about the tank game but wondering how to wear a tank on a chilly night without looking weird? No worries. Tanks actually make fantastic layering pieces. Not every tank top needs to be a lone ranger. Toss a short sleeve button-up over it if you like the pattern or feel of the tank.
There you have it. Our professional diagnosis of the male tank top. Let’s recap – don’t judge it before you try it, find what works for your look, and be confident. Check out Buckle’s selection of tanks and keep us posted on any tank tips we should know!

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