DIY: Fabric Hangers

Hello friends! Hope you all had a chance to view our latest StyleFeed video featuring our new, exclusive line, Gimmicks by BKE; and have shopped these lovely pieces on We are loving the line and also the adorable fabric-wrapped hangers used in the video. So, what better than a little DIY to make your closet even more fabulous!

Step 1: Gather old shirts, pj pants, or even bed sheets to make this into an up-cycle project. Round up some metal or plastic hangers, some tape or super glue, and you’re ready to go!

Step 2: Cut the fabrics into about 1in. strips (don’t worry if they are a little uneven/rugged). Fray the edges of your fabric for a more handmade look.

Step 3: Tie the fabric strip around the neck of the hanger and leave about 4-5 inches to tie in a bow at the end. Wrap the rest of the strip around the hook, glue it into place and trim the excess fabric. Next, wrap the rest of the hanger. When you reach the end of a strip, tape (or glue) it in place and overlap your next strip and keep on wrapping.

Step 4: When you get to the end, tie in a bow and voila! You now have an awesome way to display your equally awesome purchases!


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