DIY- Thanksgiving Decor!

Thanksgiving may not be until tomorrow, but we wanted to help you celebrate early! With so many things to be thankful for, we weren’t sure where to begin so we recruited the help of some of our co-workers. 

Our Tree of Thanks

Want to create your own tree of thanks? Grab some tree branches, a clean empty jar, a square of burlap, raffia grass and decorative beans.

The steps:
1. Fill the jar ¾ full with decorative beans and place the tree branches in the jar. The decorative beans should hold the branches in place, but depending on how many branches you want to use you may need to remove or add some beans.
2. Once your branches are in place, tie a piece of raffia grass around the top of the jar and place the jar on the burlap square.
3. Click on the link below to print out your cards of thanks.
4. Cut apart the cards, fill them out, and place them on the tree.
Download Here

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