DIY: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Things you don’t hear often:
“Glue more cotton balls on the sleeves.”
“Are the googly eyes too much for Santa?”
“Let’s put little presents and bells around the collar.”
“Do you want pipe cleaners or beads on your sweater?”
“Honestly, the uglier the better.”
These (and other bizarre statements) were all spoken this afternoon in our office. Holiday cheer caught us a little early this year. We found these ugly Christmas sweaters, and just couldn’t resist.
Here’s how to be the rock star of every holiday party..

Step 1: Take note of what you’re working with. As you can see, there are plenty of options. Map out how you want this to go down. Doing this will save you time and frustration down the road.
Step 2: Cut and trace. This kit came with awesome stencils, so we used Santa, reindeer, and snowflakes. Feel free to print out your own, though. Trace your cuttings onto the felt paper provided. Then, cut out the felt tracings. Simple.
Step 3: The Laydown. Not to sound mom-ish, but seriously, don’t do anything permanent before double checking. Lay all your final felt characters, beads, bows, bells, and anything else on the sweater. How does it look? Rearrange if needed. Move on if you’re pleased.
Step 4: The Gluedown. Before you get glue crazy, put something between the front and back of the sweater. You don’t want the glue seeping through. We used a plastic bag and paper. Really anything will do. As far as the gluing is concerned – dabble on the glue, then hold the object in place for a few “Mississippis.” We used glue for the presents, googly eyes, reindeer noses, and the felt objects.
Step 5: (Learn how to) sew. We sewed on the bells, beads, and bows. Don’t be too frightened. It’s easy. When in doubt, phone a friend. They’ll walk you through it one time, and you’ll be a self-proclaimed seamstress for life.
And keep sewing..
Step 6: Get your ugly on. There’s a certain ugly/cute vibe. Don’t you think? Regardless, the uglier the better. Embrace it. That statement only comes out once a year – ugly sweater party time of year.
Since it’s so ugly, we’ve decided to give it away. Comment on our Instagram post¬†featuring the sweater for your chance to win this holiday beauty. We’ll be randomly drawing the winner Monday, November 10.

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