Everything You Need To Know About Bandit Brand

“Good boots aren’t cheap, and cheap boots aren’t good.”

A statement all country girls at heart can get behind. Because when your boots fit as good as you feel, well, let’s just say there’s no price tag involved for shoes that take center stage.

And if boots are considered the hero piece of your outfit, then your shirt is the side-kick.

So go ahead. Meet your new partner in crime – Bandit Brand.

(The nostalgic, vintage tees your country concerts have been missing.)

Bandit Brand | Vintage Tees at Buckle

Find your boots.

Jess, as a stylist you have really embraced Bandit Brand through different photo shoots and projects. Is it a look or a lifestyle?

J: Lifestyle – it’s Made in America, red, white and blue, vintage to the core –  lifestyle.  And by “Made in America” I literally mean, everything is made in America.

If Bandit Brand had style icons, who would they be?

J: If Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson had a kid, I think she would model for Bandit Brand.  Or like a really cool girl bartender who road tripped from Tennessee to go to Sturgis and then never left and is now married to a guy in a Black Sabbath cover band.  She also owns 4 chickens and drives a white ’69 Mustang.  Think about the coolest girl you have ever seen at a country music festival, vintage boots, aviators and a graphic tee – that is Bandit Brand.

Describe Bandit Brand with Emojis:  

Styling Graphic tees. Tips and tricks?

J: Don’t overthink it.
Graphic tee + Bold boots + Denim = #outfitgoals

As a stylist, how do you make a piece feel individualized and personal?

J: EVERY piece of clothing is so versatile and can morph into so many different looks.  A lot of times I like to think of the designer that made the item… what was their ideal persona for the item and who’s wearing it?!  From the girl cheering on her high school sweet heart at a football game, to the girl who sneaks backstage at a concert – it’s all about breathing personality into the product.

Vintage Tees at Buckle | Bandit Brand

Finish this sentence… “A good graphic tee can…” J: make your morning painless. Winking Face on Apple iOS 10.3

How can a graphic tee play into your everyday wardrobe?

J: The only thing I can think of that is more dynamic than a graphic tee is denim.  Honestly, those are the 2 most important things a girl can own.  Dress it up, style it down, anything goes! Graphic tees will never go out of style and you can subtle tweak how you style them as trends evolve.

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