Fall Fashion: Back to School

As the fall season nears, we must say goodbye to our sweet, summertime freedom and sharpen our pencils for a new school year. Nothing eases that bittersweet transition quite like some back to school retail therapy. Buckle’s Fall 2013 collection has all your on-trend necessities for every ‘education’ occasion. 

Indie: This look is for the adventurous free-spirit who likes to make a statement in every classroom. To pull this off, focus on mixing patterns, adding touches of tribal, and being bold with accessories. Shop Daytrip, Gimmicks, and OBEY for all your indie necessities!

Sporty: Dressing for comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, especially with this season’s pieces from Billabong and BKE Lounge! This look is perfect for showing off your favorite sneakers and trendy sweatshirts for a look that is super cute while remaining hassle-free!

Preppy: Impress your peers this semester by dressing for success. Let your girly side shine through this look with soft colors, lots of lace, and classy accessories, like watches and pearls!

Women’s Must-Haves:

Athletic: Whether you’re clocking serious hours at the gym, or you just want to look like you are, we have the athletic gear for you from favorite brands like Fox and Hurley – these will score an A+ for both function and fashion.

Laid-back: If you’re the guy who likes to keep it cool for school, we have all the basic pieces you need to stay casual, while adding your own, personal style with pops of color and subtle details to make it your own.

Classic: Nothing turns heads like a well-dressed guy who knows how to keep it clean and classic. Shop brands like Buckle Black and ReClaim for all the pieces you need to complete this timeless look!

Men’s Must-Haves: 

  • Campus backpacks
  • Denim
  • Sweatshirts
  • Polos & wovens
  • Shoes

**Don’t forget, Buckle has a great selection of khakis, polos, solid tees and more for our guests shopping for a more specific school uniform for men or school uniform for women. And, all the brands you love for your uniform-free weekends!

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