Falling for Fall Accessories

fall accessories

We don’t like to play favorites, but when it comes to seasons, fall tends to reign supreme. There is something about crisp mornings turned to pleasant days that we can really get behind.

Of course a lot of it may have to do with the styles that tend to follow. Cuddle-worthy sweaters, scarves that double as blankets, and boots that put a little something extra in your step. While some may argue that their favorite fall accessory may be that green and white cup, we have a few contenders to shake things up.

We would love to believe that every day we can arrive on time for life with fully finished hair, but we understand putting your hair up is going to have to happen at some point during the week for our sanity’s sake.

Dress-up the typically dressed-down look of ponytail or bun by adding a little hit of fun. (because really, what’s more fun than polka dots?!)

Cue the onward trend of the scrunchie. No longer to be tossed to the wayside once puberty hits – instead, what was once seemed childish is now a nod to chic and we are EXCITED.

Not quite convinced on the dots? That’s okay – we have options.

Next up, we’re taking a summer go-to and pulling it through to fall.

Sunglasses are a year-round item that look just as good off the beach as they do on it.

Our shape of choice? Round. We love this pair so much it may just have us leaving our aviators at home for tailgating weekend.

Oh, and have you seen the latest from Ray-Ban? Talk about the perfect pairing for all of those outdoor plans you’re going to squeeze in between now and Thanksgiving.

Now, the accessories that claim the MVP slot.

Let’s all just be excited for a minute that the return of cozy scarves and beanies is HERE.

Some people collect baseball cards, we are in the business of collecting scarves that can double as a blanket in a seconds notice. This year we have had a little fun bringing in some patterns and color-combinations in addition to our need-to-have neutrals.

Needless to say, this fall sweater weather has some stiff competition.

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