Fit Guide: BKE Denim for Women

Fit Guide: BBKE Denim For Women

We are collectively guilty of having that favorite pair of jeans.

You know the one.

The jeans you try to get just one more wear out of before tossing them into the hamper, only to inevitably dig them back out when that girl’s night invite comes through.

The pair that hugs you in the right place, while stretching just enough everywhere else.

So, what if we told you that better denim could exist outside of that one pair of go-to jeans? And it does with BKE.

From super slim, to curve-friendly, to that perfect fit in-between, BKE has been delivering on better denim for years, sitting comfortable at that ‘favorite jean’ status.

Not sure where to start? We’re happy to help.

Meet Stella:

Also known as our signature slim fit that has proven to be a tried and true for over a decade. If you try her on, you’ll see why. She fits slim through your hip and thigh, promising a fit that won’t be lost as the day goes on.

From bottom openings to rise, to stretch level, Stella has seen it all – and thinks you should too.

Meet Payton:

Landing between our best slim and curvy options, our universal fit is one to watch.

Payton delivers on a universally flattering silhouette, becoming an instant classic to have in your denim rotation. She comes in a mid-rise, ideal for every day, and whatever that day may bring.

Offered in bottom openings from skinny to bootcut, Payton also isn’t afraid to show a little range – which is probably just one of the reasons she has made it into so many of our favorites.

Meet Gabby:

For our girls looking to give their curves the recognition they deserve, let us introduce you to Gabby.

Made to flatter your body’s natural shape, Gabby is a need to know. A true curvy fit, she offers a little more room through the hip and thigh, and negates any gapping around the waist with a perfected high rise.

Whether looking for something super slim, or something to flatter your curves, BKE offers better denim that we reach for again and again.

Another major benefit? That perfect stretch we first mentioned. BKE fits are almost all made with our Superior Stretch fabric that offers all-day comfort from the very first wear.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find your next go-to jean.

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