FPME x Polaroid Creativity Summit: One Buckle Stylist’s trip to NY

We love Free People (emphasis on l.o.v.e.). So you can imagine our excitement when one of our own creative talents was invited to the FPME x Polaroid Creativity Summit for her winning photo submission. We were elated. We also couldn’t help but ask her to document her experience for us. And what happened? As far as we can tell… pure magic.

Read more about Jess and the Free People x Polaroid workshop below.


Meet Jess Vettel. A Buckle Stylist, an artist, and above all, one free spirit you’d like to grab a cup of joe with and talk vision.

Upon your arrival, what were your initial thoughts of the FPME x Polaroid Creativity Summit?

My initial thought was how expressive everybody’s outfits were and how they reflected all the places they are from! There was about 40ish people from all across the US, and no two were dressed alike! One thing I love about fashion is how it reflects people’s personalities and interests!




Name a few of your favorite highlights from the day. 

The entire trip to New York was amazing, but the highlight by far was all the amazing people I met. Listening to others talk about things they are passionate about is one of my favorite things. They start to talk faster and their faces light up! So being around a lot of creatively charged women who share similar interests as me was really inspiring.

And, just being at Foxfire Mountain House was a highlight (#housegoals). If Willie Nelson and Stevie Nicks had a kid, I think they would live there. It had beautiful velvet couches, jack-rabbit taxidermy, hammocks, and a lily pond.




How did this experience help you grow? What did you learn?

The entire New York experience really helped me grow as a person, and boosted my creative juices and wanderlust. I have traveled across the US and even lived abroad for a bit, but this was my first solo trip. Being from small-town Nebraska and knowing that I could conquer New York by myself was a really empowering feeling. Traveling alone made me take a new approach to the trip. I was forced to talk to strangers and make friends along the way.

Her tips: Talk to strangers. Appreciate the little things. Do what makes you happy.



Favorite Free People style/trend/piece you own?

Black floppy hat, for sure.

What does being free mean to you?

FREE means free to be your own person, and to not conform to who or what people think you should be. “Normality is a paved road. It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Hobbies: About everything… painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, hiking, travel, reading, coffee connoisseur, you name it.

Favorite food?¬†Does coffee count? If not, Pad Thai… or macaroons. You can’t get good macaroons where I live, so I decided to celebrate my last day in NY by only eating macaroons. (I learned you should probably stop at number seven.)


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  • Genene willis

    So interesting. I visualize a successful future, Jess!

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