Get Quality Jeans On A Budget – Tuesday Tips

$10 jeans sound sooooo tempting. Believe us, we wanted them to work out too.

Going in with hopes they’d surprise us. Or entertain us really…

On the outlandish notion they might actually fit without dishing into the weekly coffee fund to get us there.

But like all things that cut corners, this too is nothing short of a mess.

White bodysuit and ankle skinny Flying Monkey jeans

So here we are. Defending denim standards everywhere.

First on the roster? Flying Monkey.

Offering high levels of stretch, a great price point, and made in the USA, you will not only feel good wearing these jeans, you will feel even better buying them.

Mid-rise Flying Monkey skinny jeans

But back to the feeling good in them part…

We’ve been dreaming about a mid-rise coverage like these skinnys since we’ve said yes to bodysuits and happy hour.

Mid-rise Flying Monkey skinny jeans

Free People Bralette – $20.00, Trend Bodysuits

Which if we really wanted to brag, we’d say this whole outfit is a home run.

But who’s listening?

Flying Monkey jeans with destructed hems

Because these destructed hems have all our attention on yet another Flying Monkey skinny.

Sure you may spend a tad extra for the details, but then again, what are details on a jean that fits?

Answer: Everything. (Psst… we love more options.)

Flying Monkey jeans with destructed hems

Have we really not convinced you?

Good. Because we’re pulling out all the stops.

Including our friends, Daytrip. With a line brought exclusively by yours truly at the honest price of $48.50 a jean, there really is nothing to complain about.

Light destructed Daytrip jeans

Cold Shoulder Top – $26.95

Especially when they look THIS good.

Not only do Daytrip jeans come at a great price, but they offer stretch options for everyone in simplified details.

Light destructed Daytrip Jeans

If you ask us, that’s quality denim in our closets and extra cash in our wristlets.

What? Did you really think we’d say wallet? 😉

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