Go-To Holiday Packing Tips for Her

We may have traded one-horse open sleighs for planes, trains, and automobiles, but most of us won’t make it through the holidays without some form of travel. And whether your plans include a relaxing getaway or meeting the parents, one thing’s for sure – living out of a suitcase, even for just a few days, is not easy. So as you plan to hit the road, we asked our stylists for some packing tips. Check out their advice on the three essential outfits to pack as you leave your closet behind.

The Travel Outfit
The perfect travel outfit is a blend of both fashion and function. You want to be pretty and put-together when you arrive, but comfy enough to relax (nap) on the way. Our go-tos? Leggings or stretch denim, an oversized tee or sweater, flat shoes, and a cozy outer layer.

The Dinner Outfit
Let’s face it, no matter where we are or how old we get, there’s always something special about a holiday dinner with family. As everyone catches up and reflects on the year, you want to look as special as the night feels. Dress things up with a dark denim or legging, flowy layers, and statement accessories.

The Shopping Outfit

As you hit the mall after the holidays, you’ll want an outfit that stands out but doesn’t require too much effort. After all, trips to the dressing room should be about trying on new clothes, not navigating the ones you’re already wearing. We recommend your favorite jeans, comfortable walking boots, a relaxed top with a wide neckline, and limited accessories. Don’t forget to grab a scarf or cardigan that you can easily remove as temperatures change from store to store. The best part about this outfit? It can seamlessly transition to any other casual activities the day may hold.
Armed with these three outfits, you’ll be set for a fashionable holiday. Safe travels! Oh, and don’t forget to tell us – What’s in your suitcase?

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