Guest Blogger Fall Picks: Tammy!

Happy Monday, everyone!
I’m Tammy, the marketing intern at Buckle. Currently, I’m working remotely from Kansas, but since it’s my fall break – there’s no place I’d rather be than in Kearney, catching up with my co-workers and working at the office! Today, I wanted to share some of my picks to transition into the cold weather that has hit us, pretty hard and fast! But, if you want to quickly get to know me, you can check out my Style Profile from the summer!

Fall is my favorite season, hands down – in all categories! I love the scents of fall, the colors of fall, and most of all, the layering pieces of fall! On any given day throughout the season, you can find me wearing a jacket or blazer, boots, skinny jeans, and a scarf for those days I feel like dressing up. On casual days, I love to take it easy in my favorite lounge line – BKE Lounge! My style varies day to day… I will wear anything that I think looks cute.

Here are a few pieces that I’m absolutely lovin’ so far this season!

Jacket: Moto jackets are everywhere for the fall season! I’ve seen them in all different colors, patterns and materials! This jacket is the perfect brown for fall, making it versatile enough to go with just about any outfit. The detailing on the shoulder and hardware down the side make this jacket unique and different from any jacket I’ve seen so far this season!

Scarf: I will most likely snatch up any accessory that has both brown and black. Up until a few years ago, I avoided wearing black and brown together like the plague because it was “against the rules!” Once I found accessories that had black and brown together, I realized this color combo is too cute not to take advantage of… so why not just make my whole outfit black and brown? This scarf is just my style. I love fringe, and I love being warm!
Boots: I will wear western boots any chance I can get! Corral boots are amazing, simply put. The detail, the comfort, and colors just can’t be beat! I wore brown Corral boots in the summer with shorts and dresses and carried them right into the fall by throwing on a pair of jeans and tucking them in. They are the easiest piece to transition in my closet!
Jeans: I prefer skinny jeans over any other type of bottom opening, especially during the fall. My favorite thing to do is to tuck them into my boots, and skinny jeans allow me to do this with ease for a clean, cut look. Black skinnies rule my closet – I just can’t get enough of them! Why black? They go with blue, red, and now, brown! You can’t go wrong with black skinnies!
All of these items can be found at, and don’t forget to check out our new arrivals!

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