Have you tried the Sneaker Wedge?

When it comes to new trends, there’s always one that carries a bit of an intimidation factor  the trend that you think you might love, but have no idea how to wear it, or if you could even pull it off. This summer, that trend is the sneaker wedge. We’re here to ease your fears and show how you can rock this statement piece of the season.

A sneaker wedge is exactly as it sounds  a sneaker with a wedge platform. It’s your favorite comfy, flat sneaker transformed to a wedged heel. These shoes give a tomboy-edge to any outfit, and pair perfectly with a skinny jean, or try them with leggings! If you’re looking to highlight them a little more, (along with the extra length they give your legs) pair them with shorts. Feeling adventurous? The sneaker wedge can be feminine, too; try wearing with a skirt or a dress.

However you choose to wear your sneaker wedge, don’t over think it. After all, it is still a sneaker, so do what feels comfortable to you!

Both fashionable and functional, what’s not to love?! Try the sneaker wedge yourself by shopping at one of our over 440 stores or online at buckle.com.

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