Head Back to School with Confidence

As pens and binders start to make their appearance in shopping carts across the country, there’s no denying it – it’s time for school. Truth be told, we’re all a little nervous. It’s been a while since school has been able to be school, and that’s totally ok to say out loud. But we’re ready.

Ready to head back to school, to be back together, and to be back with confidence.

So, with that, we thought it only made sense to pull together a back to school checklist that parents and kids alike can relate to, and get excited over – while prepping for that first day.

First on the list –

A+ Attitude

A good day starts with a good attitude and that’s what we LOVE about making sure there’s a little fun mixed into the day. Whether it comes from getting ready, taking the time to enjoy breakfast, or simply counting down the minutes until recess (we get it) enjoy the moment (and moments) that all add up into that first day.

Best in Class Smile


Ok, it’s not quite time for school pictures, but you get the idea. Going hand-in-hand with that A+ Attitude is a smile that’s sure to win them over, whether new friends or new teacher.

Recess Ready Happy Dance

It’s not exactly science but we have come to know that the quickest way to make friends is by having a dance party, no music required. By breaking out the moves on the playground you’re also breaking through those first day jitters and enjoying yourself. Plus, you may just learn a new go-to dance to show off at home.

School Drop-Off Looks

Now that we covered what the kids need for school, we thought we would include a few things just for mom and dad to help keep your hectic mornings a little more organized, and engaging for the kids!

First, make sure to send them off with a little love. We designed a printable lunch box note that you can customize with whatever words of wisdom you think your little needs for the day ahead.

Next, that organization we promised. A habit tracker to help kids of all ages stay just a little more on task whether it be around the house, or in preparation for the classroom.

Send them back to school in style. After all, the styled life starts here.

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