let's gather here, around the tree. woman gives her loved one a gift and leans in close as he opens it.

The stockings are hung, the loved ones gathered close, and the holidays officially here.

This season we keep repeating that word, here. Emphasizing and acknowledging that ‘here’ is different for each of us. Composed of different people, backgrounds, objects, all adding up to the place you want to be.  

Adding another consideration to our physical ‘here’ – the happenings of a year that was nothing short of unconventional.

But, while we had a few less holiday parties, and maybe did a bit more online shopping, we stand by the fact that this truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

A time of year full of sweets, and carols, and homes lit up with strings of lights.

Now we’re almost to one of our favorite parts. The part when the look on their face serves as confirmation that you really did give them the perfect gift. That sweater they’ve had their eyes on for weeks, the cologne that they take with them everywhere, a few photos of trips past with the promise of ones yet to come.

It’s not really about the gifts, but the people that make each year a bit better, a bit more memorable.

So, while this holiday may look slightly different – and Zoom may be the host of a few of those moments we love so much – we want to wish you and yours a very merry everything.

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