Highs and Lows: Breaking Down Denim Rises

Rises can hit people differently depending on height and torso length, but if you know where your natural waist is and where the jeans will hit you can easily find the perfect fit.

Finding the right pair of jeans that will last for years and you’ll never get tired of wearing is extremely important. Denim is a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe at this point – it’s a classic that will never go out of style.

While denim will always be a crucial part of fashion, the trending styles and fits will continuously change over time. Fashion is evolutionary, the best example of that is the comeback of the low rise. In the ‘90s low rise denim was all the rage, then it fell off in popularity, and now it’s on the rise again. Although denim trends change, the need and want for denim has stood the test of time.

These days every rise is popular, it’s all about finding which is the most comfortable for you. That’s exactly why we have five different rise options to choose from. We’ll let you in on a secret; the trick to finding the best rise for you is knowing your natural waist. Your natural waist is the smallest part of your waist, above your hips.

Rises can hit people differently depending on height and torso length, but if you know where your natural waist is, and where the jeans will hit, you can easily find the perfect fit.

Low rise denim sits at your hips and can have a rise of 7 ¾’’ to 8 ¾”. With low rise denim, your stomach will not have as much coverage as it would with higher rises, giving you the chance to make your torso look longer.

If you’re looking for a little more coverage from your denim, mid-rise will be the way to go. Mid-rise sits between your hips and belly button, giving you more coverage than low rise while still being comfortable! Mid-rise denim can have a rise anywhere from 9” to 9 ¾”.

High rise denim is where your natural waist will really come into play! If you’re looking for jeans that sit right below your belly button at your natural waistline high rise is for you. High rise denim has a rise of 10” to 10 ¾” giving you more coverage while still not completely covering up your stomach. Since high rise denim sits at your natural waist, your jeans will feel comfortable on your stomach while sculpting your hips.

If you’re wanting to take it higher, check out our ultra-high rise denim. Ultra-high rise sits at your belly button, above your natural waist giving you more coverage in the front and the back with a rise of 11” to 11 ¾”.

Our sky high denim is new to the line-up this fall and will take you to new heights. Sky high is our highest rise option with a rise of 12’ or higher, sitting above your belly button. This will give you the most coverage out of a jean and if you already love ultra-high rise then raise the bar and try out sky high denim.

One thing is for certain – denim will be trending for years to come, but why wait to find your perfect fit? Start now with us, we’ll help you find denim that makes you confident and keeps you comfortable.  

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