Holiday How-To: DIY Garland

‘tis the season to spend time together. So what a better way than creating your very own decorations? With some help from our Buckle elves, we created this step-by-step how-to for you to follow along with your little ones. After all, growing up with the styled life includes making your own moments of style.

First, gather your supplies: 

  • 3 – 5 different colors of yarn
  • Jute Cord
  • Scissors
  • a Book
  • a Ruler

Your yarn colors can be inspired by anything, whether it’s the theme you follow every year, or from the colors in your favorite top, just pick ones you know you’ll love.

Take a ruler and measure out 6 feet of the jute cord, this will be the base of the garland. Next decide on a color pattern. Pro-tip: if you’re doing this with the whole family, assign each person a color.

Take 6 inches of your yarn, and lay it down on top of your book. Next with the single piece of yarn lying along the spine of the book, start to wrap the spool of yarn perpendicular around the book. Wrap the yarn 25 times for a full tassel (or even more for a fuller tassel!) 

Then, tie the single piece of yarn that’s near the spine around the loops of yarn twice. Do NOT trim this piece, you’ll need it later. Once tied, using the pages of the book to guide your scissors, cut the loop of yarn.

You’re so close to having your tassel done! Now, to make each tassel uniform, trim the bottom to a desired length using a ruler to guide you. While the tassel is on the table, take another 6-inch piece of yarn in the same color and tie it around the top of the tassel to create that signature ball at the top. If there’s excess string, trim it to match the length of the tassel.

Now, coming back to the piece of yarn used to gather the tassel—take that and tie it to the jute cord. Ta-da! You have a start to your garland.

Make as many tassels as you desire! Remember the spacing matters. We had time to only leave a couple inches, but if you’re crunched for time, you can leave more room!

Finally, we want to see! Show us your garland making skills. Upload a picture of the finished product or you in action making it to Instagram and tag us with @BuckleYouth so we can see. Do it, and we might just feature you!

Need the short version of this how-to? Print the PDF below or save it to your phone for easy access!

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