Home for the Holidays

We’re all packed and ready to travel home for the holidays. The anticipation is building before we even leave the door. Sure, we love our 9 to 5, but there is something so ethereal when we imagine being surrounded by loved ones.

What will mom be baking as we pull up in the driveway? Homemade sugar cookies? Banana Bread? Peanut Brittle? It’s the time of year when we are reunited with our siblings, and the sense of nagging them isn’t at the top of our mind anymore. Rather, we may even find their quirks charming (at least for the first couple of hours).

Her Sweater // Her Jean // His Sweatshirt

You may be introducing your significant other to your family, or flying solo again this year. Either way, your suitcase better be packed with comfy outfits and dressy tops. Can we get a raise of hands (to make us feel better about ourselves) – how many of you pack like you’re going on a month long Europe vacation and end up shoving your entire closet in your bag(s)?! Yeah, you’re not alone. But finding simple outfit solutions & key pieces make styling the holidays a lot more merry.

This holiday, we’re searching for those memorable moments that bring belly laughs and sprinkle fights to life. Does it surprise you that here at Buckle we’ve compiled a cookie spreadsheet? We take our baking very seriously, so we have to test all recipes – hey, it’s called quality control 😉

Don’t be surprised when you bite into these delectable treats; you’ll find yourself lingering by the kitchen counter grabbing seconds. We wanted to share our favorite with you in hopes that you’ll leave a comment below & gift us with your families favorite recipe.

(See our full recipe & instructions listed below)

So get to baking, share your recipes, and as always share your #BuckleStyle on Instagram with us. We’re always ready for a new tradition; show us how you make the holidays special to you and yours.

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