How To Layer For Winter With The Jack(et) Of All Trades

Nothing quite gets us in the fashion fits than the first sign of light flurries and blustery temps. 

Grabbing for anything that holds promise of comfort and warmth reigns supreme in our busy morning schedules met with unwanted wind and bothersome frost.

The fall “wanna-be-winter” shuffle from home to work is a dance to be feared when ill prepared. And it’s almost* enough to have us staying inside all-together for one more cup of coffee.

*The “almost” that keeps us keepin’ on?

Our Gimmicks Sherpa Bomber – AKA Jack(et) of all trades that works as hard in practicality, as it does in fashion.

Take it into the inclement weather and layer it up with your favorite flannel, band tee, and beanie for a look that stays on the move, even when you’d rather not.

Things cooling down in the office? Mix your jacket with a soft, cozy turtleneck on the days you’d like to pretend you’re still in bed. Add in a statement boot and you’ve taken comfort to cool (or cute, we’d take either).

But your big night out wouldn’t be right without a jacket and tall boots that keep you heated while looking like a fashion yes YAS.

Overboard? Possibly.

Warm? You bet.

What can we say? We know fashion. And being cold is one trend forecast we see going out of style… real fast.


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