How to Pack for Spring Break 2019

Step 1: Beach bag.

Step 2: Fill it with 27 outfits for your three-day trip.

Just kidding. We know when it comes to packing for spring break you want all the options while trying to make the most of the space in your suitcase.

So we’re here to break it down and make your spring break as stylish and relaxing as possible. Essentials only.

Beach Essentials

How to pack for Spring Break
Shop The Look: Billabong One-Piece Swimsuit // Violet Ray Wallet // Heart Shaped Sunglasses // BKE Jean Short // Baseball Hats // Slides // Billabong Bags

Starting out with the obvious, you’re going to need your favorite swimsuit. We’re loving this Billabong one-piece that can double as a bodysuit at a moment’s notice.

Add shorts, slides, a ball cap, and some sunnies and you’re ready to hit the beach.

Everyday Essentials

Spring Break Essentials From Buckle
Shop The Look: Daytrip Button-up Shirt // BKE Jean Shorts // Crevo Sneakers // Fashion Hats // Ray-Ban Sunglasses

It’s best to think layers when trying to make the most out of your packing list. This Daytrip button-up makes for the perfect swimsuit cover up when not being worn on your day-to-day adventures.

We recommend a pair of sneakers that make all the walking feel as good as it looks, and that can easily be slipped on and off when it’s time to book it to your next destination.

Airport-friendly shoes that won’t take up space in your bag are a must.

Vacation Outfit Inspiration From Buckle
Shop The Look: Baseball Hats // Heart Shaped Sunglasses // Daytrip Striped Tee // BKE Stella Jean // Sorel Heeled Sandals

And since you’ve saved some room in your suitcase, you can make up for it by adding these Sorel wedges designed with just as much comfort as they are style.

Easy to dress up or down, Sorel heeled sandals are made for walking, adding a little edge to your day-to-day activities. Plus, the leather pairs well with just about any outfit you bring.

We’re thinking it doesn’t hurt to add some denim to your packing list too – weather permitting.

Day-to-night Essentials

Spring Break Outfit Inspiration From Buckle
Shop The Look: Fashion Hats // BKE Sunglasses // BKE Necklaces // Violet Ray Wallet // Yellow Tanks // BKE Denim Skirt // Very G Heeled Sandal

When the sun goes down, make sure you have an outfit to light up the night life. These cool casual pieces can easily be worn any day of your vacay, just add some heels and you’re ready for a night out.

Four easy outfits, made to mix and match, to make packing them almost as exciting as wearing them.

Meet ya’ at the beach.

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