How to take your skirts through fall!

Skirts have truly become our next ‘go-to’, following closely behind denim! If you’re anything like us, you probably couldn’t resist loading up your closet with every type of skirt this year. Fall has officially arrived, and here are a few ways to keep your skirts around a little longer.

Mini skirts are usually the first to get packed in a box and stored away when cooler weather rolls in, but adding tights, long socks, and tall boots will give you enough coverage to stay warm.

Who doesn’t love a 2-for-1? So many maxi skirts can be worn as dresses if you pull them up and throw on a cardigan, you’ve got a quick and easy outfit when you’re on the go!

Maxi skirts are an easy transition into fall. One thing you can never go wrong pulling out of your closet is denim (you know we love denim!). So if you’ve got a long maxi skirt on, opt for wearing a denim vest or denim jacket on top to layer up your look! This way, you’ll get the best of both worlds!

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