Introducing Freshwear!

Hi, everyone! Tammy here! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post, so let me re-introduce myself. I’m part of the social media team here at Buckle, and while I spend most of my days working on social content and engagement, I’ve recently been involved with another project that I can’t wait to share with you – Buckle’s latest fashion brand, Freshwear!

When I heard that we were launching Freshwear to specifically cater to our petite guests, I felt like my prayers had been answered. As a smaller-framed girl myself, I jumped at the chance to help with the line. I was even given the opportunity to model the new products! I can’t get enough of this new collection, and here are the top three reasons why:

Sizing: Being small in stature, I was always a couple sizes smaller than many of my friends while growing up. As a young adult, things aren’t much different. I’m used to having to hem all of my jeans (good thing Buckle has free alterations!) and staring in frustration at the mirror when my shirts fall longer than they should, all because I’m vertically challenged! My favorite thing about Freshwear is that I don’t have to worry about the looser fits looking baggy or the fitted styles hitting at the wrong points, because the line was created with people of smaller stature in mind. But for those who aren’t as vertically challenged as myself, don’t be concerned! We just recommend going up one size for Freshwear pieces.

Price:┬áBeing a recent graduate, frugal’s the name of the game for me. But let’s be honest – no matter your situation, everything is sweeter at a lower price point. And with prices starting at $22.95, the tops from Freshwear can’t be beat!

Ease of layering: When it comes to layering, Freshwear offers the best of both worlds. Worn individually, the pieces give you an easy, casual look, but because the items are also made to mix and match, you can create a dressier outfit just by layering up and adding a few accessories! Bandeaus are a personal favorite of mine because they pair perfectly with the tops that have lower cut-outs or back detail.

For these reasons and more, I’m so excited that Buckle has added Freshwear to our brand line-up. So, here’s to all the short ‘n sweet girls who’ve struggled finding the right fit in the past! I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the new line. Share your questions, comments, and favorite pieces below!

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