Kassidy’s Picks: A Style Story

Ever meet someone who’s got the ultimate “cool girl vibes” and it has everything to do with her complete authenticity? The girl who you can effortlessly laugh with while holding a genuine conversation? Meet Kassidy.

Kass for short.

She’s artistic, amiable, and a photo genius. Oh… and she’s a bit of a style icon around our office.

*All outfits inspired by hers truly. g41a0307


Name: Kassidy McConville

Interested in: Documentaries, unique food, art museums, meditation, and good company

Favorite Place (Anywhere): Reykjavik, Iceland. I’ve only been once, but I’d go again in a heartbeat!

Describe your average weekend: Often times spent with family, but most weekends are dedicated to photography. My Saturdays are typically spent documenting a wedding all day and then catching up with friends afterwards for drinks. Sundays are a little more lazy – late church and lunch with my sister when we can, catching up on school work, and an engagement shoot in the evening. When I’m free, you can usually find me cuddled up in bed editing with coffee and indulging in re-runs of That 70’s Show.



At what age did you get into photography?

I always remember it having a presence, but I don’t think it was till later on in high school when I decided to invest in it a little more. My mom drove my sister and I out to an open field on a Saturday morning to get a photo for a local competition. A grand, old barn filled the space – the wood weathered, windows missing, and its surroundings entirely bare. If you crouched down and looked up, its entire existence filled the blue sky to where it looked as though it was floating on the horizon. From then on I began looking at things in a new perspective; as items of art rather than everyday objects. It’s become an obsession ever since.

What was your first camera?

A Polaroid point-and-shoot. It was a pink thing made with cheap plastic and took two AA batteries.

It seems like you draw a lot of inspiration from nature. What elements of nature do you connect with most?

I don’t know I’d say that I connect with one element in particular – it’s all incredible. Really, though I love how it seems to carry this humble presence while simultaneously being the most miraculous living thing to exist. For the most part, it never seems to demand attention on purpose. It’s admirable.




Describe your style. “70’s grunge back stager meets homeless wallflower gypsy”

How does your personal style and photography parallel each other?

I love pieces I can easily move around in but something clients can look at me and think “Ok, yeah, she looks cool. I can trust her to make me look cool.” My schedule stays fairly busy, so one-and-done pieces are popular in my closet. I buy a lot of statement items and then just kind of throw a bunch of random, unique things together. I’m also one of those people who gets cold in 75 degree weather, so having a trendy jacket to bring on shoots is something I’m constantly updating.

Brand of choice?

Obsessed with the new Miss Me Vintage line! Think Free People + your favorite Goodwill find.

What would you say to a girl who wants to take more fashion risks?

Go for the gold, baby. Whether that gold is neon, cropped, or a denim beauty.






Name something you’d defend: Equal rights. Always.

Favorite Desert: Your all American apple pie. A la mode, of course.

Biggest Accomplishment: Fitting 3 month’s worth of clothes in one suitcase.

(Are you) Impulsive or Cautious: Impulsive. Ehh…now I’m cautious about my answer. Can I say 50/50?

Latest interest/obsession/thoughts? Outer space is absolutely insane!




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