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Next up in our Live Undefined series, meet Brittany, a former Olympic gymnast and mom of four. Whether she’s chasing her little ones, or chasing down goals, Brittany talks about her path to motherhood, and of course, her love for fashion. 

Psst… she’s living proof that mom’s are the ultimate rock stars.


Meet Brittany

You were an Olympic gymnast and are now a mother of four, a photographer, and model. How does your lifestyle affect the way you dress?  

I was a gymnast my whole life, I traveled the world representing the United States of America, how much better does it get? I finally got to my goal which was making the Olympic team for Beijing of 2008. It is unfortunate I got hurt and was not able to compete, but to me it still is an amazing accomplishment.

I then had my daughter in 2010 and started training for the 2012 olympics but the time in the gym away from my daughter was not worth it to me. I loved the feeling of being a mother and wanted to focus on that 100% so my husband and I decided to keep going and we ended up having four amazing, beautiful and healthy children – 2 girls and 2 boys. And honestly these four little children are my biggest accomplishment to me. It reminds me why GOD has given me life and I am the most grateful women there is for it.


Tell us about your little ones. 

Kiera is 7 and she is my best friend. We do everything together. We get our nails done and go shopping. I love helping out at her school during the week when I can. My first son is 4 years old, his name is Drake. He is my husband’s twin. He is such a fun, outgoing, and caring little boy. Being a parent to a little boy is much different then having my little girl. They are much more rough and energetic; they keep me on my feet that’s for sure!

My other boy is Jordan and he is 3. He is my little snuggle bug, he’s such a sweetheart and so kind to everyone. My fourth child is Kamilla and she is 20 months old. She is my firecracker. I breastfeed all my children for a little over a year, and with my last child it was very emotional ending it because I knew she was my last one so I tend to cling to her a little more. Not many moms can admit it, but I fully accept it. She’s my baby and I’m trying to keep her as little as I can, while I can. And enjoying every moment of each child’s every move and try to capture it on camera, and that is also why I opened a photography business.


Rock Revival Mena Skinny

What does fashion mean to you?

I have always had a passion for fashion. My clothing always had to be top-notch even when I was younger. I remember stealing my sisters clothes because she always had cool stuff and that is when I started modeling around age 19. My passion for fashion grew even further and stronger then for sure. 

Personal Hobbies:

I love the outdoors. I love camping. Believe it or not, I am really good at fishing and as long as my dad baits the hook we’re good, haha. I also love going to the beach with my children. My parents have a beach home and boat we love going to in the summer so that’s usually where my family is. I love to shop, way more than I should. My husband says I love to interior decorate. I’ve always had a passion for home flipping, maybe one day you’ll see me flipping homes.


How does Buckle fit your style?

I love shopping with Buckle. First off, I love ALL the styles! Every season I think the styles get cuter! I also shop there because the staff is absolutely amazing, they are always dressed so cute and give amazing style tips!

Favorite Brands: My favorite brands are Rock Revival and Affliction. These two brands have lasted me over a decade because they are incredibly durable – well worth the money.


What about these brands excites you?

Every time I go into Buckle I am excited for the new looks that are released. Each and every brand has its own style, but the entire store is amazing as far as being able to fit MORE than one type of look, so that is why I mix and match my brands. BKE is so affordable and VERY fashionable. I absolutely love the shoes Buckle carries, and I cannot get enough of their boots. I also LOVE their flats because I am a mother of four. I can even pull off wearing the wedges as a mother as well. Smiling Face on Apple iOS 10.3

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  • Lona

    Cool outfit and great shots too. Thanks

  • Jon Soehren

    She’s an absolutely wonderful person!! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Brittany for almost 10years from the day we met and started to sponsor her for gymnastics! A great mom a great person

    • Buckle Blog

      We agree, Jon! Brittany was a joy to be around. We love getting to know our guests even more!

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