Made for Summer Celebrations

made for summer celebrations

Now that we’re in the swing of summer events, it seems like every other day invites are coming in and calendars are filling up. At Buckle, we know this is a lot, but STAY CALM! We’re here to help. We’ll talk you through the go-to styles of the season, so all you have to do is find what you like and make it yours. From graduations to weddings, and every celebration in between, find your outfits here.

Casual Celebrations: For Her

Let’s say your brother’s friend’s coworker’s sister is throwing a celebration OR you have brunch at 11:00 and graduation at 12:00 – sometimes, it’s okay (and even necessary) to keep it a little more casual. This look goes all out without being too formal. Pairing a statement fashion top with your choice of denim and ALL the accessories you love, is the perfect way of showing up, looking good… and not having to get shorts to wear under your dress.

Casual Celebrations: For Him

Let’s face it, dressing for any summer event really doesn’t need to be that hard. Polos are the go-to for comfort and style. With fabric that breathes in colors you’ll love (and will match your date’s dress), there’s just no downside to picking up a few polos for the season. Just throw one on with your favorite pair of clean denim, a few accessories like bracelets or a new watch, a pair of sneakers, some cologne, and you’re good to go.

Dress it Up: For Her

This is it ladies! The time we’ve been waiting for. Get out the curling iron and your favorite eye shadow because we are getting dressed up! While we don’t really need an occasion to go all out (sometimes we just need a good Tuesday), reasons to throw on a new dress or matching set. These styles say, “I SHOWED UP” before we can even say “hi.”

Whether you’re going for color and sophistication, prints and breathability, or neutrals with a little spunk. We have you covered, just don’t forget that no outfit is complete without the perfect shoes!

Dress it Up: For Him

You will never have to feel boring or uncomfortable while dressing up again! Our button-ups were made for all your formal celebrations this season. With so many colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, there’s no way you won’t find something you like. Once you find the perfect button-up, add a denim alternative like khakis to elevate your look, finish it with sneakers or dress shoes, and the accessories you feel good in.

For something in the middle of casual and formal, try pairing your button-up with shorts and casual shoes. You’ll stay comfortable in the summer sun, and still look great!

As those invitations keep flooding in, don’t worry. Follow these outfit guidelines for an easy go-to looks for every summer event. I mean, let’s be real, would you rather stress over what you’re going to wear or work on your dance moves? Dressing in your style doesn’t have to be difficult, so don’t make it be. Have so much fun celebrating the ones you love at every wedding and graduation this season – and make it simple, find all your styles here.

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