Make A Difference (Every) Day

October 22nd isn’t just our favorite day of the week (Saturday!), but a day recognizing organizations and businesses that are causing a positive impact in our communities and ultimately our world. Making a difference is what most of us strive for. Buckle is proud to carry select brands with missions dedicated to making a difference every. single. day.

One of the greats, tentree. This brand is all about taking care of our ultimate playground, the outdoors, and we are obsessed. TEN trees are planted for every item purchased. David Luba, COO of tentree, tells us their goal is to inspire a generation to protect the world. In our opinion, they’re on the right track. Read more from David, below!


Derrick Emsley – CEO and a Founder of tentree


Derrick Emsley (left), David Luba (middle), and Kalen Emsley (right) take a hike in Hawaii and start talking about the making of tentree.

What is the inspiration behind your organization?

The idea came about during a stunning wilderness hike in Hawaii. Since then, we’ve sold products around the University of Manoa and the tentree brand was born. Shortly after, we learned more about the incredible impact that trees have. Planting trees help restore ecosystems, offer long-term employment to local communities, and provide a source of food for people. We have also worked hard on our supply chain to ensure tentree products are made with sustainability in mind. It is really inspiring to see the next generation getting outdoors and ultimately protecting the world we play in!

What has been your favorite project?

The Madagascar planting project is my favorite. The stories of the life-changing impact the trees and employment provided there is not the exception, rather, they are often times the rule. In Madagascar we have provided hundreds with a future that they may not of had otherwise.

What role has Buckle played in helping tentree?

We have planted over 208,000 trees in partnership with Buckle. This is a truly incredible number that will have a meaningful impact on people around the world.

Why do you think it’s important to ‘make a difference’?

If each of us can make a small difference every day, the world will be a much better place for everyone. Over nine million trees have been planted around the world. This never would have happened without the incredible support of the tentree family in North America!


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