Make Your Style Your Own

an activity for the kids

By now, it’s not real secret that the styled life starts here. It starts with you.

It starts on the playground, surrounded by friends, as you figure out just who you are, what you like, and how you want to display your personality through clothes or otherwise.

So, while we like to think we know a thing or two about what style means, it really comes down to the person getting dressed (AKA you). We can give you some really awesome t-shirts, or flare jeans that are sure to get your a high-five walking down the hallway, but how you wear them – that’s not up to us at all. That ball is completely in your court.

Which is why we wanted to see what you come up with. The expert of your own personal style. The people inspiring us again and again when you or your parents tag us on @buckleyouth. The assignment (if you could call it that, because hello, FUN) – come up with your own go-to outfit.

One you’d want to wear again, and again, and again, and (yes) again.

build your own Buckle outfit

Dream up something big, something you, and snap a pic of it and share it back with us by tagging (or having mom and dad tag) @buckleyouth on Instagram. We would love to share your style, as drawn by you!

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