Making Style the MVP

There is just something about sports that brings people together. Win or lose, there’s a sense of togetherness, of shared victory (or not so much), not to mention the shared appreciation of finger foods, especially of those involving cheese of some sort.

So the excitement around the end of the football season makes sense. The Big Game is a reason to cheer on a team you may or may not be personally invested in pending the outcome of your own favorite team’s season, but want to watch nonetheless.

Whether you’re in it for the pregame tailgate, the game itself (the minority in some circles πŸ˜‰), for the commercials (hey, it’s me), or maybe for that post game adrenaline rush that involves playing a specific Queen song at top volume; the Big Game serves as the perfect excuse to come together and have a bit of fun.

So, with that theme in mind, we want to get you game day ready from comfort-first favorites to apparel that showcases the teams.

Watch Party Ready

Whether heading to your local favorite, or making your own at-home tailgate, we’re heading to the watch party comfort-first. For those not going the traditional team jersey route, we have options. Considering we’ve already made it to mid-February, that comfort starts with a layer that can be added as easily as it can be lost when the game gets especially exciting. Since the game is all about repping a team, we vote you go with a color story that supports such efforts.

May we suggest a bold primary color mixed with a neutral that you *know* you will wear year-round (and may already have in your closet) like that perfect cardigan, or maybe that pullover you know always fits the bill. From there, we’re opting for denim. The perfect compliment to casual plans, but plans nonetheless. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d suggest BKE for a solid go-to with a wide range of stretch to get you through the highs and the lows of the game.

Finishing things off, those final additions. The ones for the die hard fans, or the fans that just want to keep things casual.

From the Sideline

And that’s where we will pick things up.

With the sideline heroes – not always the most obvious playmaker, but definitely the support that allows the magic to happen.

In our case, it comes down to the essentials. The pieces that finish or start the look – that pull it together in a way that makes it all make sense. Always waiting on the sideline to come in when needed.

Things like those essential basics, or accessories that show a little extra team love. The go-to t-shirts, the subtle statements, the added layers, and of course the hat you never leave home without.

…and what’s more essential than stretch denim? For most of us, not much, which is why we are going for that double mention. From those rigid styles that are worn in over time, to true performance stretch that will keep up with even the best athletes – stretch denim has a permanent starting spot on our roster.

From what you’re wearing, to those final additions that pull the look together, we have (maybe biased) opinion that this game day is going to be a good one.

The final piece to basically guarantees a successful watch party, the snacks. (and, yes, we even have you covered there 😏)

Regardless of who you’re cheering for come February, let’s make your style the MVP of the watch party.

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