Meet Madalyn: Holiday Traditions + Social Media

We’re a nostalgic generation aren’t we? Clinging to the holiday traditions we love like eating our weight in peanut butter-chocolate fudge and wearing ugly sweaters on repeat (that’s a thing, right?). Yet we’re never too far from the present, phones in hand, ready to share those epic moments.


This week we sat down with one of our own social media gurus to talk about holiday traditions and social media.


Meet Madalyn. One part sweet, one part sarcasm, and equal parts flawless, Madalyn can usually be found obsessing over current trends with the social team. We think it has a little bit to do with her recent stint in New York City, and even more to do with her overall passion for good style.


Name: Madalyn Gotschall

Tell us about a family tradition.

Blasting Mannheim Steamroller through the house and baking hundreds (not kidding) of sugar cookies with my mom and four little sisters. We also all go to church on Christmas Eve then do a family Secret Santa exchange. The highlight is typically whomever my dad gets – once he gave my sister a pack of batteries, we still don’t know why.

Favorite holiday movie?

Elf. While living in New York I may or may not have reenacted the escalator scene in Macy’s where it was filmed. #NoRegrets

Hot Chocolate or Coffee?

Hot chocolate with Bailey’s. I’m not sure I’m allowed to say that – my mom probably won’t be impressed. But I don’t want to lie to you.




 What do you love about social media?

It’s the best and the worst of us. Between filters and opinions it’s easy to dub social media as overwhelming, but really how exciting is it that the world is so connected?! It showcases people’s viewpoints, for better or worse, but I like to think that social media has provided an interminable outlet for those of us seeking out the better.

Any do’s and don’ts of Instagram this Holiday season? 

Holly Jolly YES

  • All of the Christmas lights – wrap yourself up, wrap your dog up, wrap your significant other up (with their permission) – so. good.
  • Not what you actually received, because we (your followers) don’t care. But how you wrapped it. DIY envy to the max.
  • A consistent hashtag post to reminisce over later
  • Snow and blanket scarves #Basic


  • Food, unless your mom is Martha Stewart.
  • You in the gym on the holiday. We love your dedication, but ugh…come on.
  • More than three hashtags #Just #Don’t



3u6a8399Best gift you’ve ever received?

Playing hardball, are we? Well, there is a home video we have of me literally losing my mind while opening the movie Stuart Little. I was bawling. I don’t even know what to make of it. Obviously I am easy to please.

By the fire or sledding?

By the fire.

How do you give back during the holiday?

This time of year I am sporting a pocket of change because I legitimately can’t walk past a Salvation Army bucket without donating something. Other than that, I grew up being taught the importance of small acts and community involvement so I try to be involved with projects as I learn about them.



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  • Linda Fifer

    Love this one, love all holidays. Christmas is my favorite, like I’m a kid again. 🙂

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