Meet Mark: Style that’s about comfort.

Not everyone believes in New Year’s resolutions. The whole “New Year, New You” thing just isn’t for everyone.

And one of our models Mark, is a little skeptical himself. But with another year of school studying neuroscience, we think Mark has a pretty bright future ahead of him.

Check out Marks style picks as he aims for high comfort and performance.


Meet Mark

Current school: UNO – Neuroscience

You do Martial Arts/Taekwondo. When did you begin this training? 9 years old

What made you initially interested in this? My dad actually forced us to do it (haha), but I was interested too.


Performance – Hurley Tops

Why are you pursuing your current degree?

Because I always knew I was interested in medicine. The brain is the source of everything, so if you know a lot about it, everything else fits.

Do you see any correlation between your current career path and your involvement in Martial Arts? If so, how do you hope to pursue both in the future?

When you are competing there is a lot of brain energy going on. So you have to control your mental state.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? If so, please share.

I’m not sure I really believe in those. I’m just going to continue my pursuits.



Comfort Styles – Relaxed Jeans 


What word would a close friend use to describe you? Relaxed

Favorite book? Gift of Life by Henri Landwirth

If you could take a year off and go traveling, where would it be? Start in Europe and work my way around!

Who has influenced you the most in life? My parents


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