Meet the Team: The Interns

Say hi to our marketing interns – Lanny, Alyssa, and Madison (left to right). They’re a funky bunch, and we love having them around. Our interns aren’t coffee-getters or copy-makers. They’re doing real stuff with real people and real brands. See what they have to say, and ask them any questions in the comments below.


Social Media Intern

Every day as a social media intern at Buckle is different. Trending hashtags, meaningful engagement, and new, digital insights always keep me on my toes and eager to improve. I love the world of digital marketing because it allows us to have real conversations and form relationships with people around the world, defying boundaries that used to keep us apart.

When I’m not interning or learning, I keep myself busy with a strange amount of hobbies. Music festivals and international travel continuously drain my bank account, and I think I’ll keep it that way. I’m fueled by green tea, sunshine, and Spotify playlists. Sometimes I think I love dogs more than humans, but our planet most of all.

What’s one thing you wear that no one else does? I wear stones almost every day, either as a necklace, ring, or bracelet. My favorites are turquoise and moonstone.

How do you get the creative juices flowing? Even though most of the work I do is on the computer, I try to get away from the screen to get creative. I use journals without lines on the pages so I have the freedom to get out all of my ideas and sketches in one place without any boundaries. I carry it with me everywhere so I never forget anything when inspiration strikes. When all else fails, I spend some time outside letting my mind wander and get back to it later with a fresh perspective. Music is also a must.

Describe the perfect meal. Grilled cheese with pesto, tomato, and avocado — dipped in tomato soup, of course.

If every animal was tamable, what pet would you have? Jasmine from Aladdin inspired my lifelong desire to cuddle with a tiger, but I would choose a white one. I also think it’d be nice to hug a big bear.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received? My grandma once gave me a popcorn shirt. It basically looks like a doll shirt, but it “popcorns” into your size. It’s as bad as it sounds. Look it up. 


Social Media Intern

Don’t let the suit fool you, I’m a laid-back guy. Good tunes and good people make for the best nights. Hablo español. I’m a goldmine for useless knowledge and current events. When I was five, I grabbed a cactus out of curiosity. Lesson learned. Then, in third grade, I received the highest number of participation ribbons for track and field events. (Sorry to brag.) Last year, I studied abroad for a summer in Costa Rica. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new situations. Buckle, and the fashion industry in general, provides a new adventure every day.

Describe your style. Collars or tees with khakis or jeans. It’s a simple, sophisticated style. I leave my expression to my shoes and wild socks. While some wear their emotions on their sleeve, you can tell exactly how my day is going by the socks I’m wearing. You all were disappointed when Grandma got you socks for Christmas. It was secretly my favorite gift. 

What’s the best social media channel? Can I get an “Amen” for Twitter? What is not to love about cramming all of your thoughts, ideas, and creativity into 140 characters or less? (And yes, that is exactly 140 characters.)

Name three weird things you do.
1) I unconsciously pick up and mess with everything. Whether it’s breaking the clip off a pen or pealing the label off a bottle – guard your personal items. You’ve been warned!
2) I can make anything into a game. My outlook on life is like “Whose Line is it Anyway?” The rules are made up and the points don’t matter.
3) I’m a nicknamer. Rarely do I call people by their actual names. 

What’s something crazy you want to do in the future? It’s not a matter of “if.” It’s a matter of “when” I go to outer space. As a space enthusiast and part owner of the moon (yes, I own one acre of the moon), it’s always been my dream.

Do you collect anything? I was one of “those kids” who collected Beanie Babies, knowing they’d be worth their weight in gold some day. My dad, the financial planner, considers my 300+ collection a “poor investment.”


Copywriter Intern

For the record, I think this picture portrays me as pretentious. I guess it was the only photo they could find that was the “right size.” But don’t let this image cloud your judgement. Scroll back up to the first photo. I’m clearly the most fun/welcoming of the group.

A bit about me – I refuse to go bowling. My car’s name is Carl. I drink warm water. Thinking, laughing, (sometimes) going to class, and writing fill my days. And I love it.

How did you get into writing? Growing up, I was into music and started writing my own stuff. When being a rock star didn’t work out, I had a family friend tell me about creative writing in advertising. I didn’t even know it was a thing. That you could do this. I think I’ve always been a writer. I just didn’t know society would let me be one. 

What’s a fashion faux pas you don’t agree with? Socks and sandals. I can’t be the only one who loves crazy socks and Birkenstocks. Something great + something great = fashion fail? I don’t get it.

If you could be the lead in any movie, what would it be? Any movie that I’m scripted to say, “Secure the perimeter!” 

Describe a time when you felt like the happiest person in the world. Scroll to the top of this post. 

What do you do when a situation turns awkward? I’m usually the guy who pushes the boundaries. If a situation is leading towards an awkward path, I’ll make sure it goes there. I think we grow when we put ourselves in uncomfortable settings. 

There you have it – our favorite marketing interns. Are you Buckle intern material? Let us know! Leave a message here. Then, dig through our corporate office internship opportunities (hint: search “internship”) and our in-store internship opportunities.

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