Men’s Denim Download

Now it’s time to talk about guy’s denim – how do you pick your next pair? From the brands to the fits to the details, we have made a Denim Guide to help you decide what’s important when shopping for the perfect jean. 

Our exclusive brand, BKE, covers the spectrum when it comes to the fit of your jean. So, if that’s how you prefer to shop, here are the major players – take your pick.

Slim – Aiden        Regular – Carter        Relaxed – Tyler        Loose – Seth

To make sure your style is in-line, you’ve got to choose the right “bottom line”. Weather you like to roll, cuff or wear over the top, make sure your shoes and your denim make a great team. We recommend having at least one of every style!

                  Shop – Slim               Shop – Regular               Shop – Bootcut

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