Mythbusters: Basic Denim Edition

First, we were breaking rules – now, we’re busting myths! We’re ready to set the fashion record straight, starting with a topic that has been plagued by false myths for years – basic denim. Don’t believe everything you’ve heard. Basic denim is hot this season, and it’s definitely here to stay! Not convinced? Keep reading, and let us persuade you…

Myth #1: Basic denim is not on trend
Basic denim has admittedly received a bad rap as of late. It’s been labeled “boring” and “unflattering” for a multitude of reasons, some more justified than others (we’re looking at you, mom jeans). But the truth is that when you shop it right, basic denim is sophisticated and classic. Not only do the dark color and streamlined fit flatter your figure, but minimal detail on your lower half allows your favorite tops to really shine. For those days when you’re striving for the “less is more” approach, you can’t go wrong with a good-fitting pair of basic jeans.
Myth #2: Basic is either low quality or too rigid
Another strike against basic denim in recent years has been the gap in its quality spectrum. It hasn’t always been easy to find a basic jean that passes the test on durability AND comfort. On one hand, you’ve got your $10 super-center jeans that only last a few washes before stretching out or tearing. On the other hand, there’s durable, work-quality jeans that last years… but you’ll have to be spending those years walking without bending your knees. Lucky for basic denim lovers, the growing popularity of simple jeans means that more and more high-quality options are becoming available in fabrics that are super soft with just the perfect amount of stretch.
Myth #3: Buckle only carries blingy denim with lots of hardware
We hear this one all the time. So, if you’re one of those folks who’s surprised to hear that this myth is false, you’ve GOT to head to your local Buckle store! Your favorite brands like Rock Revival and Miss Me may be known for unique details, but they also offer the same great fit and quality in styles that make simple beautiful. If that’s not enough to have you heading to the mall, how about this: Buckle recently launched its own private label collection of denim featuring clean, streamlined designs. It’s called BKE Reserve, and it may just become your new favorite!


What do you think? Are you ready to rock the basic jean look? Show us your take on simply beautiful denim below. And don’t forget to share your favorite Buckle jeans on Instagram to enter our Live in Denim Sweepstakes!


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