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Everyone’s heard it, gone through stages of denying it, only to ultimately realize there’s nothing that’s more overwhelmingly accurate: Mom knows best. She’s a powerhouse, the one that taught us so many of the ins and outs of growing older, of becoming our true selves, and, you were waiting for it, how to get dressed.

It’s not only the ‘how to’, but for many of us, Mom was the first person we looked to for style inspiration. After all, who’s cooler, more beautiful, and sometimes (even though she would disagree with us on this one) as glamourous, as Mom? The short answer, no one. The longer, more complicated answer, maybe that one famous actress we would choose to play our mom if our family dynamic was ever picked up as a movie or limited series – but we won’t get into details (we do have them if anyone needs a mood board), and it really still all comes down to – Mom.

Knowing that moms play such an important part in our lives, and our style, we wanted to highlight them – the advice they’ve passed down, and even some of those pieces we hope to one day inherit from their closets. So, here’s to the Moms.

Our Style Inspiration

A few of our favorite answers from our teammates when asked what’s your favorite piece in your mom’s closet:

My favorite piece in my Mom’s closet would have to be all of her hats. When it comes to my mom and all of her hats, many people see them only as a fashion accessory, but to me, it’s a representation of all the ‘hats’ she wears in life. She’s a boss, mentor, co-worker, friend, daughter, sister, wife, and most importantly the flue that holds out family together, our MOM. She doesn’t get told this nearly enough, but Mama, I’m so proud of you and so proud to be your daughter – Parker H.

My favorite piece of my mom’s closet is her gold snack chain necklace. Timeless, classic, and I always see her wearing it. They’re such a huge trend right now and when seeing them out and about I always think of her. – Amber D.

A navy jacket from 1975 (see above on the beach!) It doesn’t fit me, but I still love it. – Stephanie T.

My mom had a leather purse shaped like a saddle. None of her friends had a purse like that and I always thought it was very special; like she knew tiny horses or something. It was fashion AND function in my eyes as a kid. I found and bought a saddle purse like hers years and years later. It’s vintage and is kept in my closet – good vibes. – Lydia P.

For sure her vintage denim! (see above pic of her in the 70s!) I have been channeling her style for years now. – Lynn K.

A Piece of Advice

A piece of styling advice our mother’s passed down to us, or we’re passing on to our children:

Once you find a good pair of denim, buy every wash. – Haley S. (Haley, we have to say, we’re a fan of your mom)

Her styling advice that I love most, “Always be you…and if you want to wear sequins on a Tuesday, then you should do it.” – Melissa F.

My mom always told me that I should dress to make myself happy! – Ryleigh V.

The best fashion advice my mother has ever given to me is a vintage flannel never goes out of style, and it’s ok to live in denim. – Crystal M.

My advice for my daughter is to dress in whatever makes her feel confident and comfortable. – Erika V.

My advice to my kids – always pick our your outfit the night before you go to bed so you will have confidence in yourself as you start your day… plus it helps you be on time! – Darah K.

My mother always told me to wear what makes me happy and feel unique – regardless of what others think… which is exactly what I want to instill in my daughters! – Brooke M.

What We’re Gifting

The best kind of gift… their time! Some interrupted time together as a family! – Kelli M.

I think a great Mother’s Day gift is anything sentimental, or a relaxing activity (think spa day or day at the beach!) – Nina M.

After the year we’ve all had and going months without seeing family the only gift I really want is to spend time together. Should that include no cooking and a margarita, so be it. – Megan M.

A day full of love, laughter, and FUN. – Paige D.

Time together. You just don’t get that time back. I’m realizing now why every time we asked mom what she wanted to do or wanted for her special day, she always responded with ‘spending the day together’. – Callie M.

I’m hoping for a day spend uninterrupted with my family. Maybe planting flowers (if this Colorado weather cooperates) or heading up to the mountains for the day. – Jessica C.

My sweet, sweet love and some wine! (; – Nicole R.

Here’s to our moms – we love you so much, and will forever treasure you (and your closets).

Happy Mother’s Day! Make sure to share what you’re getting Mom in the comments!

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