Outfit Inspiration For Transitioning To Fall

Fall is definitely in the air. We can feel it. πŸ‚

School is in session πŸ“š, college football has kicked off 🏈 – and by now you can probably buy everything pumpkin spice flavored to your heart’s content. β˜• Soon, you’ll be hitting up pumpkin patches and apple orchards 🍎 alike with your best gal pals, all in your favorite sweaters and boots of course.

Though, you still might experience on β€œhot one” here and there, summer has quickly faded, leaving us with cool mornings and warm afternoons. It’s the kind of weather that causes you to toss that jacket or extra layer aside later in the day. And if you live in a more southern state, it still may not be sweater and boot season just yet.

To help you navigate all this flip-flopping weather, and transition your outfits from summer to fall, we’re having a little fun with layers – giving you some outfit inspiration and showing you how to easily add and remove layers from your outfit as the temps fluctuate.

Pumpkin Patch(work) Pleaser

The start of this outfit features a sheer floral button down that puts a spin on traditional floral. Four micro floral prints meet up in this patchwork pleaser from our favorite boutique brand, Willow + Root.

The top’s sheer fabric leaves some room for breathing in the mid-day heat, and for when the weather gets chilly, make a statement like this sweater/shirt combo. Do add a sweater over any top and let the undershirt hang down for some added texture and dimension in your fall transitional outfit. The finishing touch? A felt panama hat, because what would fall be without one? They add flair to any outfit!

Rounding out this outfit is a classic pair of dark wash skinny jean and western-inspired footwear, an up-and-coming shoe trend which has the potential to be huge if New York Fashion Week is any indication. Plus, it’s just really cute, as it’s “not too” western, so the boots can really go with just about anything. A block heel here, a pointed toe there, some embroidered leather, and a metal toe cap are the western-inspired features of this faux-leather boot from Arider.

Cool(ish) Days, Cool(er) Denim

As the simplest and lightest outfit in this trio, you can’t go wrong with a plain white t-shirt. But yours can have some edge (literally) with raw edge dealing. Plus, gets some cool points by pairing it with combat boots and high rise Levi’s jean with holes in the knees.

Once an indicator of “rebellious ways”, we are tapping into destructed denim as a trending must-have for grunge revival. Make Gwen Stefani proud by adding a flannel and denim jacket to handle the inevitable chillier days ahead.

Get Groovy, Baby!

Fall is as good a time as any to add some new denim to your closet, but the colder temps are a good excuse to add a jean with a little (okay, a lot) of flair or flare, in this case.

Reminiscent of yesteryear’s bell bottoms jeans, flares and super flares are on this year’s list of our 5 women’s denim trends for fall. Better yet, the pair shown here comes from throwback brand, Lee. A name in denim that you probably haven’t seen on our shelves in quite some time, but is making an applaud-worthy comeback like its denim peers, Levi’s and Wrangler. We love flares (and super flares) mainly for their trend appeal, but the higher waists and longer inseams (wear heels), make them extremely flattering.

For the top, we have another micro floral print. This time in a shirred top from the Gimmicks Jasmine Moonlight Collection. For layers, keep it simple by just adding a cardigan or your favorite overpiece. Kimonos, and unbuttoned tops or dresses all work. Can you dig it?

Now, are you inspired for fall? Do we have you in love with layers, yet? We hope so! Bring on layers, bring on fall!


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