Pantone Picks: Styling Trending Hues

While we personally can’t help but subscribe to HGTV’s current preference of bright white kitchens with moody or wood grain accents, that doesn’t quite translate to our closets.

As we have made the shift to clean neutrals in our homes, we have just a bit of our souls screaming ‘more color, please’ – and one fresh DYI manicure isn’t quite cutting it.

So, we are turning to our closet for some inspiration. Pulling in a few of Pantone’s trending colorways, and putting together a palette that makes the eyes happy.

a trending colorway we can't get enough of - evergreen. a mixture of cool greens that dips into moody neutrals.

Helping us break out of our color rut, evergreen. This color wheel takes us from the dark, cool-toned neutrals that have been the go-to for months, and brings us to nature-inspired hues that have us in search of fresh air and blue skies.

By taking cues from nature, we are combining greens with baby blues for a combination that shouldn’t make sense, but always does.

from taking things slow, to diving right in - this bright colorwheel channels everything we know and love about spring, groundbreaking florals included.

From fresh air, to a fresh take. Spring is *officially* here, which has us saying, ‘pass the pastels‘. By now, you know that neons are making themselves comfortable in top trends, and here’s proof. If we extend our our traditional pastel palette, we find ourselves in brighter, more saturated territory that will give seasonal blooms a run for their money. Think everything from bright pops of citron, to sweet shades of lavender.

Simply put, this color wheel is skipping past those April Showers and opting right into the May flowers mindset.

the moody must-haves that add depth to your spring essentials.

If we’re giving bright colors the (neon) green light, we are finding balance by incorporating moody, earth tones to keep us grounded.

Adding deeper tones to tried and true prints breathes new life into our go-tos, and makes our familiar closet feel new. A swatch to watch, the orange family. Orange shades are making a big comeback by adding that flush of color to keep darker colorways seasonal.

Our best tip for how to hue? Have some fun. Introduce a few new colors into your go-to palette and you might just find a new aesthetic for that Instagram grid. 😉

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