Pantone says these colors will rule 2017 – Tuesday Tips

Pantone has deemed this year as a refresh.

New York Fashion Week set the precedent, and who are we to argue? In an age where stress can sometimes run our lives, a theme of vitality, relaxation and the outdoors is one we want to every bit be a part of.

Our take on Pantone’s top ten? Skip painting the town Primrose Yellow, and get comfortable with a subtle print. Niagara meets Pale Dogwood, meets a dramatic top that only Gimmicks could dream up.

Deep breath in, cool blue tones that are ever so reminiscent of mountain ranges out. Something like that.

Muted tones also make for great accessories. Baby steps into a trend are still considered steps as far as we’re concerned.

Neutrals are, and will forever remain, a staple we turn to. Hazelnut is the most recent example of just that. Effortless and dependable.

But even your closet’s most effortless item is entitled to some fun. Off the shoulder still reigns over our trend list, and Rokoko adds some flair with the perfect tie-dye print.

Flattering, natural, with a built-in ‘feel good’ sensation.

Color us excited for 2017.

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