(re)discover go-to trends

Like taking a stroll down memory lane, or visiting back home and finding a box of old clothing from school in the 90’s – in one way or another you’ll find yourself (re)discovering old trends and making them new again.

We’ve decided to do a little (re)mix from the past, because obvi our Dr. Martens were feeling left out and needed something to complete the effortless, grunge look. Cue the cutest mesh details with totally tie-dye design…as seen below, yeah, it’s a vibe and one we’re adding to our cart as soon as it’s live.

Women: Gilded Intent Crop Top, Coming Soon! Buckle Black Jean, Teva
Men: Similar Tank, Short, Flip

What’s that one trend that you hope never resurfaces? Could it be the butterfly clip hairstyle circa 2002? Don’t act like you weren’t proud when your sections were perfectly spaced – it was kind of like acing a geometry test, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Trends that we see blooming this spring are lived in denim; that feeling when you put on your favorite pair that’s been worn all week. It’s formed to your body, and goes with you everywhere…well, we’ve made that readily available, find your comfiest pair here.

Another favorite trend we’re seeing is color. And we’re not talking about moody neutrals this season, nope, we’re emanating sunshine through these bold hues.

More over, we’re being pretty daring. Just call us risk-takers because we’re mixing and matching hues that aren’t normally meant to go together. *Gasp* You mean like navy and black? …Almost. We’re talking about the brighter spectrum though, which includes color like citron, peach and lavender. The best way to tie all of the colors together? Adding a graphic tee or a seasonal staple jacket, like this leopard beauty below.

So, while it’s always fun to go dig through your mom and dad’s storage boxes to find that vintage gem, were letting you in on a secret….we have the gems here. Step into spring and stock up on trend prints, worn-out denim, and bright hues.

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