Shorts That Fit – Office Edition

The first of June has us in denial. Is it really short season? And what do I need to do to get the fit that flatters without hitting the gym? 

Luckily, we headed a couple of offices down to get an honest opinion on our different short lengths.

Including that of our creative image project manager, Janessa. Lover of afternoons spent at the lake and avid user of the princess emoji, we trust her with just about everything.

Especially her take on the biggest fashion mystery still known to girls’ summer plans everywhere – the jean short that fits.

Girl in long, Bermuda KanCan shorts.

First up, Janessa’s thoughts on the KanCan mid-rise stretch short with a 12″ inseam.

“You could go down a size in these since they are VERY stretchy at the hip. I would wear these running errands, on a casual bike ride, fishing on the boat with my family, or hiking. Either way, there’s no chaffing in these and that’s two thumbs up.”

Girl in 7

On to the next, Daytrip Refined’s Lynx Stretch Short with a 7″ inseam.

“This short stays true to my size and they definitely have stretch, which I’m liking. I would wear these for a night out on the town. Take notes ladies, these are sassy, but classy… wait can we put that in the blog? Laughs. Yeah, I want to say that.”

Girl in BKE Stella shorts.

And then there was the 4″ BKE Stella Stretch Short in a low-rise fit.

“Again, this short fits true to size, although not as much stretch as the previous pairs I’ve tried. I would wear these to sporting events. I like baseball so I’d probably cheer on the Cubs in these… or the Red Socks. The Red Socks for the boyfriend. (He’ll be happy I mentioned them.)”

Girl in BKE Stella 3

Lastly, our BKE Stella with a mid-rise and 3″ inseam. The shortest of the group with a 99% cotton and 1% spandex blend.

“Fits true to size. They are EXTREMELY comfy and have a good amount of stretch. I would wear these to a bonfire camping with my friends, or really anywhere that has a relaxed atmosphere. I LOVE these. They’re my favorite for sure.”

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