Slowing Down, Here.

As the year winds down, we tend to do anything but. That being said, it’s inevitable that a new season calls for new outfits, especially as layers come out to play. So, that’s where we will pick up. With some head-to-toe looks that may just inspire you to take a moment, and slow things down with those who matter most.

After all, everyone loves a game night.

Catch a Layer

Party trick, bring an extra layer that plays well with others.

Something like a classic flannel with a coming-of-age twist. We love bringing together a couple favorites to create something that feels completely new to us, and in turn our closets. Hoodie/flannel hybrid? Check. Denim jacket with flannel sleeve detail? Consider it yours.

Bringing a level of cozy to your layers will ensure that the temperatures aren’t the only thing getting cooler around here.

Outfitting Details

As we find ourselves truly slowing down, we are also channeling some of that fashion inspiration that went unworn when we had nowhere to be. There is something that just feels good about getting dressed. Putting together an outfit from textured accessories to tops that incorporate seasonal elements and new trends like ruching and an understated statement sleeve, even denim in a perfected fit and a true blue wash that fits like a glove every. single. time.

Those are the makings of a good outfit, and then, of course, having somewhere to where it doesn’t hurt.

So, game night it is.

Casually Yours

Good friends, a competitive edge, and a look that promises comfort all day long. Head-to-toe dressing doesn’t get much cooler, and more comfortable, than this.

Hey Dude continues to reign over our guys’ footwear, and this season has brought along even more exclusive styles and designs that will have them wanting to add to the collection. Moving on up, superior stretch denim from BKE is something to take note of. Whether playing a traditional yard game, or spreading out on the nearest table – we love denim made for all-day wear, and BKE is exactly that.

Finally, let’s pull together the look, and bring home a win with finishing touches and elevated tops that showcase your style.

So, what are you wearing for game night? Any favorite games that we should try ourselves? Let us know in the comments!

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