Sneak Peek: Men’s Top Trends For Fall

It may be mid-July, but we’ve got fall fashion on our minds. For us, preparing for the fall shopping season happens months in advance (even up to a year for certain brands and types of clothing).

Every summer, the men’s fall fashion show gets us excited about the upcoming fall trends, and we want to show you what the hype is all about with a first look at men’s fashion for fall 2018.

We caught up with Buckle Men’s Buyers, Justin and Jenny, to talk about the top five trends to watch this season. Hint: outerwear is having a moment.

1. Street Style

Men's Fall Denim Jacket Trend

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Street style – AKA trend-focused clothing with edgy details. And by edgy we mean things like floral for men. Trust us, you can pull it off.

To get the look you’ll want denim jackets with patches, bomber jackets, jeans and khakis with tapered leg openings, joggers, graphic tees, and more.

You’ll find this look from Nova Industries, Crysp, Dope, and Rustic Dime, but you’ll also see hints of streetwear in styles from your other favorite brands as well.

2. Vests

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas - Vests

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A fall must-have: layers, layers, and more layers.

Go ahead, put on that vest that makes you look like the perfect outdoorsman (shh…we won’t tell even if you’re not). We’re all about the layers and you can never have too much of a good thing – outerwear included. Just take it from our buyers:

Jenny: Our outerwear is just as much about fashion as it is about function. It’s an additional layer to a guy’s outfit. We will have a ton of options this year including denim jackets, bombers, windbreakers, and puffer vests with fleece sleeves. All of which can really be worn all day, inside and outside.

3. Logo Tees

Logo Tees for Men

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Your favorite branded logo tees aren’t going anywhere, they’re just getting better.

Justin: We’re seeing logos become a little less pronounced. Depending on the brand, logos could be smaller or just outlined.

This Rock Revival hooded logo tee is focused less on the logo and more on the tie-dye graphics and we’re here for it.

4. Black Denim

Men's Fall Outfit Inspiration

Coming soon to Buckle

If you don’t already have a pair, you’re going to need to pick one (or two!) up. We repeat – you need black denim in your closet.

We’ll have a variety of options from different brands, but for our guy who wants to stand out and be noticed BKE Black delivers an embellished look with bold details and innovative techniques.

5. Bomber Jackets

Fall Outfit Inspiration for Men

Coming soon to Buckle

We know that we’ve already hit on outerwear – but what’s one more jacket going to hurt? Along with your denim jacket and puffer vest, you’re going to need a bomber jacket.

They’re lightweight and casual, yet add a little something extra to your everyday look.

Justin: We have new fall styles arriving now, so guys can start transitioning their wardrobe for those cooler summer to fall days.

We knew you’d be excited. Keep an eye on New Arrivals for the latest fall styles and check out the Women’s Fall Fashion Sneak Peek.



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