Spring Break Pack List: Beach Bound

We’re willing to place a bet that at least a few of us dream of escaping the frozen tundra that is winter in our home states to instead soak in the sun somewhere warmer. Well, you’re in luck. Florida is one of the three trips you can win by entering our Spring Break Brand Event giveaway, which is why we are hoping to place you in a sunny state of mind by running through what would be making it into our bags if we were beach bound.

To Wear

When it comes to dressing for sitting beachside, the key comes down to light pieces that can be added or lost throughout the day and into the night. We also highly suggest prioritizing comfort – after all, a beach bum isn’t sitting around in a three-piece suit (at least in our experience).

Since we’re heading south, we’re bringing along the brands that know the beach, active lifestyle best. Salt Life has us covered from bright, graphic tees and tanks. Ray-Ban and Oakley have us covered as far as fashionable eyewear and Hurley and Departwest are bringing the essentials in e-waist shorts ideal for sitting beachside. 

In the Carry-On :

All those guilty of trying to pack what would fit in a checked bag into a smaller, less forgiving carry-on raise your hand (it’s me, it’s us). While sitting on your suitcase to help your zipper out may be inevitable, we’re going to do our best to give a rundown of the ‘needs’ for your carry-on as you’re heading lighter & brighter. The one positive about a beach vacay = less layers & more room for everything else.

  • Swimsuit


  • Sunscreen


  • Sandals


  • Sunglasses


  • Aloe

    Nice extra

  • Change of Clothes

    Nice extra

Beach, Bound

And if you’re making your own list, we want to make that just a little easier. Click HERE for your own downloadable copy of our to do / to pack list to keep you a bit more focused while making sure the essentials make it in the bag (including that after-sun lotion because you are set on a sunburn being in your future).

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