Spring Break Pack List: Family Fun

Are we there yet?


Parents, your getaways might look slightly different now that you have kids in tow, but we think they can and *should* be still packed with fun (maybe even more so). Whether that means slowing things down and putting the ‘relaxation’ in R&R or going full-on itinerary mode and packing the days with sights to see – we think Ridgedale, MO (minutes away from Branson) Is *the* place for both and you’re in luck – you may just be able to get that trip paid for by entering to win our Spring Break Brand Event giveaway happening now.

So, after you enter, let’s get the manifestation started and tackle that packing list. As if it wasn’t a colossal enough task when you were single, now you’re responsible for yourself and the littles – which is why organization has become your new best friend to ensure no one ends up with twelve pairs of underpants and nothing else (it’s happened, ok).

To Wear (You, and Them):

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. We would say it again, but we think you get our point. When you’re traveling, comfort is always on the brain – but we have found that to be especially true when you are responsible for others beyond yourself. That’s where this pack list comes into play. Buckle Black featuring shaping and smoothing Buckle Contour makes sure mom feels good and looks good all day long with a little extra support. Departwest makes dad style a little less ‘dad’, and a little more ‘cool’. And Hey Dude is going to make sure the entire family gets through the airport without an un-tied shoelace. This is why they are some of our best in brand.

In the Carry-On :

Essentials look just a bit different when you aren’t primarily worried about your skincare making it to your destination. While we still heavily encourage you prioritizing yourself, we also encourage you taking advantage of having a few more bodies to carry small items and that those items involve a variety of snacks.

  • Snacks


  • Chargers


  • Headphones


  • Hand sanitizer


  • Printed Itinerary

    Nice to have

You’re Almost There

And if you’re making your own list, we want to make that just a little easier. Click HERE for your own downloadable copy of our to do / to pack list to keep you a bit more focused while making sure the essentials make it in the bag (including that after-sun lotion because you are set on a sunburn being in your future).

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