Style for the Season Ahead

As the sun starts to set on summer, we’re looking back at all the places we went, all the outfits we created, and all the memories we made. But we’re also looking ahead at the moments to come – those moments that matter.

As the days start cooling down and fall begins moving in, we’re grabbing those standout styles from the summer sun and heading to our closets to get them fall-ready. Let’s start with the staple that takes you from one season to the next. Have any guesses? If you thought ‘denim’ you’d be right! (We’re not getting too predictable, are we?)

You can bring your favorite summer look into fall with just a simple swap of shorts for a pair of jeans. Just take a look for yourself, the proof is in the pictures. 😉

Add some flare with this Flying Monkey style.

Another way to ease into fall while still holding onto summer a bit longer is to slowly start incorporating darker colors into your outfits.

For a subtle hint of fall, pair your favorite summer denim (like this pair of light wash Salvage jeans) with a darker top and flips. It’s the perfect balance of the two seasons.

If being subtle isn’t your specialty and you were ready for fall yesterday, we have just the thing for you! It all starts with black denim – the perfect way to darken up any outfit. Pair your denim with a graphic tee featuring rich, dark colors for an outfit that’s sure to bring autumn in the air.

No matter the colors, no matter the season, don’t forget accessories! Shop men’s and women’s now.

If fall is all about layers, then this time in-between the seasons is all about lighter layers. It all starts with one of your favorite summer pieces, like that dress you haven’t stopped wearing on repeat. Pair it with a cardigan or add a long sleeved t-shirt over top for a layered look that is perfect for those slightly cooler days.

For a laid-back men’s look, start with something we bet you wore most days this summer – a graphic tee and denim. Just simply add another layer with an unbuttoned shirt for a cool, casual late-summer outfit.

And just like that, you’re ready to wrap up your summer with style and fall into the next season!


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