Style Resolutions to Start 2019 off with a BANG

Our resolutions for 2019 are looking pretty good.

It’s January, and as everyone is working to make their resolutions known, we have a few ourselves. It’s not so much about buying into the idea that a New Year has to equate to a new you, but instead the idea that there is always room for improvement, and we love a reason to hit refresh on some of the pieces hanging in our closet.

Resolution 1:  Embrace Color

Neons, pastels, moody jewel tones – just maybe not all at once. Not for the faint-hearted, but for those who are looking to add a one-two punch to their wardrobe staples. A little zest goes a long way when it comes to bright hues and it already has us waving goodbye to our winter black.

We are excited to add some color zest into our wardrobe, including neon hues that do the talking for us.

The year is looking bright, thanks to this Gilded Intent sweater.

Shop the trend now: Obey Novel sweatshirt, Billabong Coastal Tides sweatshirt, Calvin Klein t-shirt, Gilded Intent tie dye sweatshirt

Resolution 2:  Bottoms, Up

Here’s the skinny, we love a narrow jean bottom opening, but in 2019 we are ready to have some fun with shapes – specifically ours. A flare provides the perfect mix-up in our day-to-day denim that are sure to draw a compliment (or twelve, you can never be sure). Not quite sold? No problem. We have boot cut options that still add some OOMPH to your jean line-up.

Other denim trends we can’t get enough of for the New Year:  the introduction of the ultra high-rise, not to mention some curvy fits by some of our favorite brands – think KanCan Signature (exclusive to Buckle!), Bridge by GLY, and our in-house go-to, BKE.

This year we want to differentiate our denim options, starting with adding a few new bottom openings into the mix.

Everyone is talking about the cropped flare, and after trying this one on – we see why.

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Resolution 3:  Be a Little Extra

The resurgence of hair accessories in 2018 has us really excited for the category as a whole. We’re seeing everything from leather earrings to belt bags to sunglasses that are anything but average. We. Can’t. Get. Enough.

We are ALL IN on the resurgence of the accessory - after hair had a big moment in 2018, we can't wait for what 2019 holds.

The little something extra that will promise a memorable look.

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So, whether you’re hoping to be a little more intentional about self-care, or opting for that neon yellow sweater – 2019, we are ready for you.


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