Thank you, Mom! 20 Mother’s Day Activities to Celebrate Her!

To Mothers everywhere,

No words can describe how much you mean to us.

And when we try to thank you, two words seem too short.

You planted our roots deep, so we can grow tall.

You’re our teacher, our nurse, our coach and so much more.

Filling many shoes with only two feet.

There’s nothing more amazing than always being able to count on you.

So with one little phrase, just know it means a whole lot more.

Thank you, Mom!

Let’s celebrate her! We’ve gathered a list of Mother’s Day activities to help you spend quality time with Mom.

And don’t forget she’ll love a new outfit to rock during her day full of activities…

  1. Start a garden
  2. Go to a painting class
  3. Take a family bike ride
  4. Have a movie marathon
  5. Go shopping
  6. Breakfast in bed
  7. Get a manicure/pedicure
  8. Bake a new dessert
  9. Cook her favorite dinner
  10. Schedule a spa day
  11. Go to a yoga class
  12. Plan a picnic
  13. Plan a day hike
  14. Visit a botanical garden
  15. Set up a day of volunteering
  16. Visit a winery
  17. Check out the farmer’s market
  18. Spend the day at the pool
  19. Go to an amusement park
  20. Take a day trip

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