The Power of Basic Tops

You’re driving. Windows down. And right as the perfect amount of breeze brushes your face, the best song comes through the speakers. Maybe from the radio. Maybe from your iPhone. And without a single hesitation, you keep driving. You know you just missed your turn, but it’s the most confident decision you’ve made all day. Enjoying every last second of the feeling. Until the song fades out and life returns to normal. How did it happen? Where did it come from?

It’s the simple things. The stuff you might not notice on a daily basis. But when you do, it makes an impression so difficult to forget that you just hold on to it until you’re graced with another encounter.

What does this have to do with basic tops?
Meet Taylor. She’s a Buckle model who enjoys the simple things, especially wearing them. Here are some shots from her recent photo shoot. Basic tops make an impression. You’ll see. They turn heads not by screaming, but by attracting quiet appreciation. The basic things are noticed, just in a different way. Take some notes from Taylor. She wears it well.
At first glance, what do you see? Now, look closer. It’s about the details. The simple intricacies within each piece – patterns on the sleeves or shoulders, slight variations in color, a simple stripe pattern. Next, admire how it’s worn. How does it fit? Make it your own. This is a style that looks best by how you flaunt it.
Accessories bring a stand-alone top to life. They become the heartbeat of the outfit. Layer up the accessories, and you’ll be surprised how every top takes on a different attitude, depending on how it is accessorized.
Don’t forget about less traditional accessories like scarves, bags, shoes, and hats. Every piece and every detail subtly contribute to the look. It’s like an art – every stroke working together, creating something beautiful. Like that moment in the car. When everything fits, and the impact of it all flowing together is felt. Profoundly.
Shop the collection. Then post below, what’s your favorite part about wearing stand-alone pieces? What do you pair with them?

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