Summer Shoe Trend Report

A summer state of mind usually calls for an open toe – at least as far as our shoes are concerned. Which is where this trend report comes in handy – the shoes of summer, all accounted for in the best way. Whether looking for a dose of color, heading west(ern), or looking for something to keep you comfortable – these are the shoes to keep you one step ahead.

Trends for Her

As the world starts to pick up, so does the style. We are once again embracing having a bit of fun with what we are wearing and how we are wearing it – and that extends to what we’re wearing on our feet. Whether you’re someone who believes shoes are the start of the outfit, or the ones that believe they are responsibly for bringing it all together, or maybe you find yourself somewhere in between, regardless – these are the shoe trends to know in 2022 for her.


Something you may not consider when it comes to shoes, but now that we’re talking it over you’ll notice immediately – texture. We absolutely love the added interest a bit of texture gives your favorite pair of heels or sandals. Also offering a bit more protection against the wear and tear that is natural to all well-loved pairs.

Our can’t miss call outs: woven details, snakeskin details and of course a bit of added glitz.


This season has us *almost* shouting from the rooftops, ‘cue the color‘!

As with the rest of our closet, our shoes are wanting to break out of our neutral color safe haven we built across the winter months. Whether going for a specific Pantone swatch or running full force to all things bright – we are seeing that extra pop of color at the hem take off in a major way.

Our favorites? These that will pair perfectly with your favorite jeans.


Shoes worthy of a 360 degree view so not a detail goes missed. The shapes of summer footwear are definitely to take note of – from show stopping heels to platform inspired sandals and wedges that introduce just a bit of volume.

Embrace the slip-on trend, or playing with all of straps from ankle straps, these options will have anyone stopping and asking, ‘where did you get those shoes?!’.

Quite honestly, the bolder the better – which is why eye-catching silhouettes are topping our trends to watch.

Leather + Western-Inspired

The shoes that somehow get better with wear. That introduce a bit of function to the fashion.

Because, honestly, you don’t need to be on the ranch to have a deep appreciation for a boot that priorities an all-day wear with a few extra details that make them stand out on their own.

And you don’t need to be completely trend forward to develop a slight obsession with a sandal that takes a bit of inspiration from the best of street fashion.

There are a lot of things to be said about leather styles, but we will sum it up with – these are not only a need to know, but a need to wear.


Arguably one of our favorite things about all things summer fashion is the no-stress, easy way about it all – and this extends to shoe selection.

Not just limited to your average pool slides, slides are becoming more and more of a go-to in our outfitting process thanks to a variety of colors, styles, and details.

Whether looking to continue that love for true leather shoes with Birkenstock, or looking for something that truly makes a day spent waterside that much better with MIA – slides are an easy yes with your go-to summer looks.

Trends for Him

Shoes number one purpose is to get you from point A to point B – but we aren’t about to forget about the points that follow, all the way to Z. So, while we have trends on the brain we aren’t about to compromise on comfort. Here’s where to start to make sure you’re looking good and feeling great.


Guys, if you thought we were leaving you out of the leather goodness, you were very much mistaken. Whether taking a look from day to night, or taking on the wear and tear of every day- leather shoes are the foolproof option for the guy who wants to look put together without any extra work.


You don’t need to consider yourself an athlete to appreciate the quality and comfort that comes with a true athletic shoe. That little extra support goes a long way when it comes to Saturday spent with the boys, or might be the secret to securing that perfect golf swing you’ve been working toward. Or, we have to say it, if you find yourself in constant competition with your neighbor for best yard – we have a shoe for that.

So, whether a true varsity player, or someone who prefers killing it on the sideline, these styles may just secure your spot on the roster.


Casuals are the can’t miss of summer. High on our list, the five star favorite, Hey Dude, in new Buckle exclusive prints and patterns. Known for it’s always comfortable fit, and the range of styles – Hey Dude pairs well with just about any of those warm-weather plans.

A new comer to our favorites in casuals, Twisted X. If this brand isn’t on your radar, it is now – and you’re very welcome. Think all of the perks of true leather + the added bonus of being made for all day wear = one of your new go-tos.


The classic summer staple is coming back in more options than ever. From slide-on styles, to traditional flips in new colors and designs, to some brands that you maybe haven’t heard of before.

Our selection of sandals will have you sitting waterside in no time.


Admittedly not a ‘trend’ but worth talking about – the price is right when it comes to summer shoes. For men and women, value is being brought to the forefront. Think a range of styles within each of the above trends, within whatever budget you are (or aren’t) keeping.

Join us and take a step into summer – because as the days get lighter and brighter, we believe our footwear to do the same.

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