Those Jeans

You know the ones.

The feel-good, looks even better, pair.

The ones you reach for every time something hits your calendar. Drinks with friends. Shopping with mom. Errands to get your house resembling some sort of order.

Those jeans.

Simply put, nothing quite feels like your favorite pair of jeans. We get that. They carry with them more stories than you’d probably like to tell, well-worn and well-loved, and fitting exactly how you like them to. That might be a little loose, skin tight, low on your hips, or as high as the heavens. Jeans that fit like they were made with you in mind.

Those jeans.

So, what if we could tell you that there are more of those jeans out there? Time-tested and just waiting for you to pick them up.

Now with more waist sizes and inseams than ever before – we have worked to make sure those perfect jeans exist. How many sizes? We’re talking sizes 22-38 in women’s with inseams ranging anywhere from 25″to 38″, not to mention our free hemming offering to ensure they truly are just right. For guys, those waist sizes start at a 25 and go to a 52 with inseams anywhere from 28-38″.

That’s what we mean when we say options.

We’ve been in the denim game for a while now, over fifty years if we want to get technical. That means we’ve had plenty of time to develop and test fits, fabrics, and so much more to figure out exactly what makes up someone’s favorite pair of jeans – and how that looks a bit different between each of us.

We have tweaked and fine-tuned denim to the point of whiskers, hand sanding, wash, and tacking have become common words in every day conversations. Not sure what any of that means? We have a place where you can learn a bit more on them all.

All of the fancy words aside, good jeans are good jeans.

They are about as much of an extension of you as an article of clothing can be. So, let’s find the jeans that are an extension of you.

After all, your favorite pair of jeans is waiting at Buckle.

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