Trending Coast 2 Coast

Another week rolls around and what do we have to look forward to? How about a new blog feature to share! We are checking in with our stores to find the trends and products that are selling like hot cakes in their store. From Dallas to Florida here is what is flying off their shelves.

  • Gimmicks – “Gimmicks pieces are flying out our doors! Especially for the young professionals!” 
  • Accessories – “High fashion statement accessories; statement necklaces, studded bracelets, skull and cross bracelets, and light weight scarves year around!”
  • Society Tops!” Guys love the color and softness of the material! It is a transitional brand between the west coast guy and the Affliction guy!”
  • Buffalo Denim – “Buffalo jeans are by far the top selling denim in our store! Guys love the light weight material! It is perfect for Florida!”   

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